20.10.2010 - Hanzel und Gretyl
We have closed the pre-sale for the HuG concert. But we still have got enough tickets at the box office - just pass by! And for all those which already ordered and paid the pre-sale tickets: We will send them to you in a few days.

05.10.2010 - Watain
Please see german version.

03.10.2010 - Watain
Tomorow is the day and we'll see Watain together with Deströyer 666 (AUS), Otargos (F) and Knowhere (CH) in Zurich. You can find the running order in the detailed view of the concert in our agenda - so please, no more mails regarding this. And for all visitors which don't own a ticket: We have enough tickets at the box office, so don't worry and just visit us.

23.09.2010 - Pre-sales closed
Please consider that the pre-sales for Watain and Belphegor are closed down by now. Please pay the remaining pre-sale tickets soon, otherwise there's no guarantee for a ticket. And for all other visitors: We really have enough tickets left at the box office. We won't do any reservations, because it's really not necessary.

24.08.2010 - Death in Zurich
Don't forget to visit our concert in the Werk21 this saturday! We have some great bands there, which you should not miss! Unfortunately Rätier had to cancel last-minute, but we are sure that we will get them again in the future.

Be there!

23.07.2010 - Violator without Neurasthenia
The concert is just one time sleeping away. :)
Some updates for the concert:
Neurasthenia can not play on the tour anymore. Therefore our running order looks like this:

Bestial Invation 19:30-20:10
Total Annihilation 20:30-21:20
Fueled by Fire 21:40-22:40
Violator 23:00-00:00

See you tomorrow!

19.07.2010 - Violator this weekend!
Time is running and we're not far away from the gig with Violator, Fueled by Fire and our both "local heroes" in the Werk21 in Zurich. Please keep your passport or id ready at the entrance, you make it easier for us all. Doors open at 5pm.

10.07.2010 - Pre-sale Violator
Please consider that the pre-sale for Violator + Fueled by Fire ends this monday, 12th of july at 6p.m. We still have enough tickets in the box office, so don't worry!

08.06.2010 - Jesus and the Gurus not supporting
Our new flyers are moving around and we have made a mistake. On the back of our flyers, you can find all of our concerts in the next time. There is a mistake (except WATAIN flyer) at the lineup of Hanzel and Gretyl: Jesus and the Gurus unfortunately cannot support that concert.

By the way the WATAIN flyer is now online.

28.05.2010 - Watain, Deströyer 666
As some of you already may know, we've announced the concert of Watain and Deströyer 666. The location is the Dynamo Saal in Zurich, pre-sale tickets are available now at Fur Metal. Soon you will be able to call us to get informations or to order your tickets. More information coming soon.

25.05.2010 - Metal Factory Festival
Please see german version.

23.02.2010 - Hanzel & Gretyl / Violator
The announced Hanzel and Gretyl concert for the 28. of august has been moved to thursday, 4th of november 2010. Same location, same price. You can still buy pre-sale tickets on our page.

We're proud to announce the concert of Violator and Fueled by Fire on the 24th of july in Zurich! More infos in our concert agenda.

This friday we'll be hosting a party in the Rock CIty Uster, featuring Punish, Gastric Ulcer, Bastard Peels and Knowhere. Be there!

21.12.2009 - New concerts announced!
After a long time without any action we're back! We're sorry for our time in the underground, but we hope that our upcoming concerts will bring some great acts to you! You can find more details in our concert agenda.

By the way, that's not all we have to give you guys. The chief is still in the kitchen cooking some new tasty menues. Be ready!

27.11.2009 - New gadgets on the page
As you surely have noticed there is a new column on the right side of the page, where you can find a random picture out of all galleries and some upcoming concerts. The displaying doesn't work that well, but we're working on it... The page is going to be extended in further time, so stay tuned!

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